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Yuketen Brass Studs Loafer

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Still having trouble letting go of that rebel inside of you even though you've traded in your t-shirt and VANS for a three-piece suit? Then Yuketen's Brass Studs Loafer may be the perfect combination of rebel prep for you. Designed by the brand's own Yuki Matsuda, who is well-known around the block for adding his own bit of pop to contemporary American styles since 1985, these are the perfect way to stick it to the man, even if you may now be that man yourself. Both the brown and black models are built with all-vegetable tanned Horween leather and sit atop a hard-wearing sole; well-deserving of the Made in America stamp placed on the insole. And, while they're not cheap, just think of all the quality that you're getting out of these loafers--not to mention all the subtle attitude you can project at the office. Find them now at the Silver and Gold store now for $430.