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JR - "The Wrinkles of the City" Project | Los Angeles

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After beginning his project in the streets of Shanghai, French street photographer and artist JR has made the jump over the Pacific to the streets of L.A. to continue his "The Wrinkles of the City" project. Over time, JR will expand this series to twenty or so large-scale photos using the average, everyday individuals who help to define the world's greatest cities as his muse. His two most recent art pieces include these two placed in West Hollywood and the other in downtown L.A., installed in his signature expansive black and white form utilizing the character of buildings to enhance its impact. JR's work, which has recently won a TED Prize, hopes to explore, introduce, and tell the stories of people oft-forgotten in locations all around the world. Explore them for yourself after the jump and visit JR's homepage to follow his progress and learn more about the project.

via: BKRW