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WILLCOM - Phone Strap - World's Smallest + Lightest Mobile Phone

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While some phone makers are trying to cram more and more into ever-growing mobile devices in an attempt to revive the Zack Morris look (looking at you, Samsung), Japanese company WILLCOM goes the opposite direction releasing the world's smallest and lightest mobile phone. Called the Phone Strap, this minuscule mobile has a 1-inch wide LCD screen, a 2.7-inch long body weighing in at 32g, and can just handle the basics, including cataloging your contacts, calling and sending SMS text messages, and holding 2 hours of talk-time on a single charge. However, what you gain in size and weight, you lose in terms of functionality with the lack of any camera or internal apps, which essentially makes it the Yorkshire Terrier of phones; it looks cute and can easily fit in your bag, but doesn't pack much of a bite. This smartphone can be reserved now ahead of its wide release, which begins March 21, 2013 exclusively in Japan, in pink, white, and black.