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BMC impec - Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Edition

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To help celebrate the 50th anniversary of their impec road bike, BMC has partnered with Lamborghini to combine their iconic Italian flair with the cycling brand's own modern design. Packed with the highest level of components worthy of the Lamborghini name and even donning the Aventador's own sharp yellow colorway, this bike offers just as much power and sex appeal as its larger, four-wheeled brother. The impec also shares the same lux leather accents on the saddle and handle bar tape as well as the same Lamborghini hood emblem on its head tube. Thankfully, this BMC impec doesn't come with the same Lamborghini price tag, but this Swiss-made bike is still priced to cater to the high-end buyer with a 25,000 EURO price tag. You can order one of these built-to-order bikes exclusively through any BMC or Lamborghini dealer. In the meantime, you can see more pictures of this carbon-fibered beauty after the click.