Grado – Mahogany Headphones


Brooklyn’s Grado Labs has been a leader in the high-end audio industry for over 50 years, providing warm, rich sound through speakers, headphones, and phonographs. Their latest project upgrades two pairs of headphones that have been around for a couple of years and have received a phenomenal response since they combine quality design and technical performance with hand-crafted, deep Mahogany driver housings. But, these add-ons aren’t just for show; each has been specially cured to help optimize tonal quality, stabilize sound, and hold the cushions in that sweet spot just away from the ear, which also helps for a comfortable, all-day fit. The upgrade is available on both the RS1i line and the premium GS1000i headphones, both arriving with an adjustable leather-cased strap and two adapters for the cable. These Grado Mahogany Headphones begin at  £850.00 from select retailers, including LN-CC’s online and London-based shop.


Late Night Chameleon Cafe (LN-CC)

18 Shacklewell Lane | Map

London E8 2EZ England

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