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Mercedes-Benz Sport - A-Class Customization Program

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In order to rein in the sometime unwieldy world of aftermarket specialists and car customizers, Mercedes-Benz created the Mercedes-Benz Sport, a personalization program that caters to loyal Mercedes customers with a budget. Base on its "add-on principle," all Mercedes-Benz Sport parts, including various aerodynamic kits and body panels, were custom-made with the original vehicle in mind. Thus, all parts should only enhance the vehicle's performance and be install without any removal of the original part. Because of such rigorous standards, all Mercedes-Benz Sport components have their own warranties as well.

In the midst of Mercedes-Benz Sport's programs for the E-Class, the SLK, and C-Class will be a new one for the A-Class. Starting a base Mercedes-Benz A180 model, a succession of add-ons created a front spoiler and a rear diffuser in Jupiter red on the otherwise silver paintwork. With a decorative sticker kit to amplify a race-ready appearance, the Mercedes-Benz Sport A-Class also features both front and rear trims, diamond radiator grille, illuminated door sills, sports steering wheel and pedals, and finally, a set of 18-inch two-tone light alloy wheels. But the best part is the original car remains intact and the components can be remove without the usage of specialized tools. Please contact your local Mercedes-Benz dealership for more information.