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HORFEE - "Imaginarium" Exhibition | London

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Yesterday marked the opening of Parisian artist and graffiti writer Horfee's first solo gallery exhibition entitled, "Horfee's Imaginarium." Essentially the culmination of his work to date, all of the pieces in the show are new and have been created specifically for the Imaginarium, taking us on a journey that pushes the limits of dimension and texture using paper, canvas, wood, and sculpture, which is a far more mobile take on his work than the streets, trains, and rooftops that originally built his brand. The result? An all-out, energetic collection of images and 3D pieces that have always had a unique crossover appeal, especially thanks to his psychedelic cartoon characters. Easily embraced by high-brow art critics, graffiti fans, and even kids with a love of comics and anime, this is the perfect way to add some depth to your life. The exhibition will be running until March 23 at Topsafe London.

Topsafe London
4 Wilkes Street | Map
E1 6QF London England

Exhibition Dates: Now - March 23rd, 2013 (Saturday)