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Jungmaven - Tie Dye T-Shirt Collection

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Even our short stay on Earth, humans have managed to destroy much of the environment in record time. Thanks to our rampant consumerism, our natural resources are rapidly depreciating. Robert Jungman dreams of a society living in harmony with nature, thus establishing the Jungmaven in 1993. As opposed to the popular cotton and polyester fabrics, Jungman promotes the use of hemp, which is said to reduce deforestation, fossil fuel depletion, economic recession, as well as help stop world hunger. Not only do their clothes feel great, it is a fantastic way to protest against big corporations by supporting alternative sustainable industries. Check out their latest tie-dye t-shirt collection at Oi Polloi.

Oi Polloi
63 Thomas Street | Map
Manchester M4 1LQ England