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BRAMMO Empulse R Electric Motorcycle | Test Drive Video

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From exotics like Tesla Model S and Fisker Karma to everyday hybrids such as Ford C-Max and tiny wunderkind Nissan Leaf, electric vehicles and likes have solidified their claims on the 4-wheel marketplace. But because of its higher cost of entry to the 2-wheel market, developments on the motorcycle front been quite limited till the arrival of BRAMMO and its Empulse motorcycle. With a water-cooled AC motor, proprietary BPM 15/90 battery, and a unique 6-speed gearbox, the Empulse and the lighter Empulse R are capable of a top speed of 105 mph. From a single full charge, you can cover around 121 miles in the city, 56 miles on the highway, or 77 miles from a combination of both. This isn't just another stodgy electric bike however. On a recent review, one reporter compared its performance to the Triumph Speed Triple and others within the "naked bike" category. To see it for themselves, Bradley Hasemeyer and the production team from AOL's TRANSLOGIC took one for a test ride recently…