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If you're a subscriber to the philosophy that if you own nice things, you should take good care of them, then you should have MIHARAYASHUHIRO's Shoe Care Set in your arsenal. As essential in a gentleman's wardrobe as the nice pair of shoes themselves, this set is an investment in the life-long care of your footwear. The kits contains their exclusive series of shoe creams in five colors (brown, black, red, green, and dark black), a large brush, 3 detail brushes, a water-soluble shoe polish, a soft, 100% cotton flannel cloth, and a special cream especially for the seams and welts. The entire kit comes housed in a simple and sleek box that is ready for work, but is also sleek enough to store in the open if need be. You can pick up a kit for yourself or you the budding dapper gentleman in your life directly from Mihara Yasuhiro retailers beginning April 27th.

Release Date: April 27th, 2013 (Saturday)