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BAPE x Transformers Optimus Prime T-Shirt

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Although there isn't another movie anytime soon, the hype around the Transformers franchise hasn't ever really faded since their debut back in the '80's. Demonstrating their knowledge of their fans, A Bathing Ape continues their collaboration with Hasbro releasing a capsule collection that, in addition to the BAPE STA's we previewed yesterday, includes this set of Optimus Prime-inspired T-shirts. Available in two colors, white and grey, the Tee features Optimus Prime in both forms on the front while the back includes logos from both brands. The Tee, sneakers, and the rest of the collection will release from BAPE's Harajuku flagship store on March 30.

BAPE Harajuku 4-21-5 Jingumae | Map Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Japan TEL #: +81-03-5474-0204

Release Date: March 30th, 2013 (Saturday)