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London Undercover Oak Umbrella Stand by Method Studio

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Owning an umbrella the likes of London Undercover's Pinstripe, comes with the responsibility of housing it properly when not in use. With April's showers just around the corner, you'll be getting a lot of use out of your umbrella, so it will just be far easier to keep it at the ready in London Undercover's Oak Umbrella Stand, which was designed and handcrafted by Callum G. Robinson of Method Studio. Sourced from Scotland, the stand combines both brand's knack for traditional craftsmanship and precision engineering into a shape inspired by an open umbrella's inner workings. The stand itself is constructed from twelve solid oak staves, all joined together by hand with a specially designed upper ring, a drip-tray base, and a web of elastic spokes to help circulate air. The stand is available in LU's signature orange and military green colorway and measures 70.5 cm tall and 36.5 cm around at its widest. The London Undercover Oak Umbrella Stand can be purchased now via their online store.