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Superheadz Sun & Cloud - Self-Generating Digital Camera

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Described as the world's first self-generating digital camera, the Sun & Cloud from Japan's Superheadz is a lo-fi shooter housed in a simple box, featuring a small solar panel on the top for solar charging, as well as a manual crank for self-winding power. (USB charging is available if you're low on sunlight or arm strength.) The case, measuring 6x6x8 and available in white or black options, features a small LED flash up front, with a 3-mega pixel lens capable of three different shooting modes: normal (150cm range), portrait (60 - 150cm range) and macro (25 - 35cm range). An LCD screen and control buttons are located on the other side. Additional details include a tiny 3-megapixel CMOS sensor that has an ISO range of 100 to 800, capable of both still photos and video recording (AVI files with 30fps or 8fps frame rates), and SD or SDHC memory cards with memory capacities of 2GB and 16GB, respectively. The Sun and Cloud is available now at select retailers, including online at AC Gears.





Degi Hari

Degi Hari


Degi Hari