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The BikeSpike

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Think of it as LoJack for your bike. You finish a long, hard day of work at the office and mosey over to where you safely and securely locked your bike and find that it's been snatched. Thanks to The BikeSpike, designed by Chicago-based engineering collective Three Man Rocket and the digital innovators at Color Jarwith, you'll be able to catch that bad guy red-handed. Not only that, this compact device can help you track and share your riding stats (i.e., distance, speed, course), monitor your kids, have the unit notify your friends if it detects a collision, and even digitally "lock" your bike so you receive a notification if it moves or if it is tampered with. The design team also left the API open to also help gaming and other app designers use and connect with the data captured in the BikeSpike. Proving that the team truly did think of it all, the wireless, cell tower-connected unit itself comes housed in a custom carbon fiber cage that doubles as a water bottle holder, allowing you to keep your device discrete. Built for the everyday rider, the finely tuned race team, families, and businesses, jump in on the BikeSpike train now while it's looking for funding on Kickstarter.