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InstaThis - Instagram Photo Printed on Wood + Acrylic

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As you flip through your Instagram photos, often you'll find yourself wondering what you were thinking when you decided to snap a picture. But, just by playing the percentages, soon you'll come across a shot that defies the reality that it was taken with a tiny mobile phone camera; capturing a moment in time that may seem silly or petty at first, but one that ends up being a pretty damn good looking shot. For those more special photos, head over to InstaThis, a recently launched site that helps you to print out your shots on either acrylic or wood in a range of sizes. The wood option adds a nice texture to your print while the acrylic presents a more finished look, both, however, come with beveled edges, the proper hardwear to mount the shot, and a sense of pride that that your future as a budding photographer still has some hope. Find out more at their process, products, and options at their homepage.