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SOPHNET. x Shiro Hamanaka x roar x THE BLACK SENSE MARKET - Ceramic Rock Cup

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Previously, SOPHNET. had teamed up with Shiro Hamanaka and roar, producing a very unique line of Ceramic Rock Cups. Shiro Hamanaka operates the Ooyagama atelier in a city called Hagi in the Yamaguchi prefecture in Japan, where he creates ceramic wares using the traditional Hagiyaki (literally translated, Hagi firing) technique. For THE BLACK SENSE MARKET, they have produced an amazing leather-like ceramic cup in all-black colorway. Three rows of stud patterns decorate the bottom half of the cup, while SOPHNET. and roar logos are placed on top of them. Again, this item is only available through THE BLACK SENSE MARKET, and there are only 10 pieces made.