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DEVOTEC - Fuel - World's Smallest Cellphone Charger

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If you haven't caught on to the Everday Carry (or EDC) bandwagon, probably the best way for any techie to start preparing for any situation is with this Fuel Micro Charger from Devotec. Claiming to be the "world's smallest cell phone charger," this mini device is designed to provide 20 to 30 minutes of extra talk time to your mobile device or up to a few hours while on standby. The Massachusetts-based company devised the gadget as a solution to when you have an unexpected delay, have an emergency, need to use your GPS in a bind, or if need to make a couple quick calls in a fix just by plugging the Fuel into your phone and flipping the power switch. Measuring 1.3 inches by .9 inches by .5 inches, the Fuel can easily fit on a keyring or in your pocket and takes the shape of an old jerry can that has saved thousands of stranded drivers. The project is currently looking for funding on Kickstarter and is currently on track to blow through their initial goal.