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Yuketen Hermosa

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Yuketen goes international with their first ever sneaker, which was handmade by a premium Italian shoemaker and appropriately named Hermosa, or "beautiful" for those who've found their Spanish a little more than rusty. The first  time in the brand's history that something with the Yuketen tag was made outside of North America, the blue suede deck shoe-inspired sneaker proudly displays its hand sewn stitches, custom-molded leather lining, and complementary gum rubber sole. A darker set of leather laces and a matching leather strip up the heel helps to ensure durability and comfort while also helping to round out a luxuriously-crafted look that easily fits in on Main Street as it does on the boardwalk. Find it now at Up There Store.

Up There Store
1/11-15 McKillop Street | Map
Melbourne VIC 3000 Australia