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2013 Shelby Raptor - 575 Horsepower Off-Road Behemoth

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After hanging up his flight jacket following his tour as a WW2 fighter pilot, Carroll Shelby found his next adrenaline fix behind the wheel where he quickly showed a knack for racing. As his racing career began to pick up steam, Shelby began to pursue his next passion with equal fury: building his own car, with a shiny yellow CSX 2000 being the first to don the Shelby touch and the Cobra label. The world lost Shelby last year, but his legacy and definition of American high performance lives on within his Shelby American brand, which recently turned its focus away from their favorite Ford Mustang toward a Ford F-150 SVT. Dubbed the Raptor, this off-road pick-up's 6.2-liter V8 received a supercharger and a Borla exhaust system, which combine to improve its horsepower from 411 to a fun-ready 575. Its exterior design is unique for a vehicle tagged with the Shelby name, but then again this isn't your typical high-performance remake, with the company's name stenciled into the digital mud paired with a set of custom wheels and 35-inch tires. Shelby and Ford are planning to build 100 of the Shelby Raptors per year with ordering of the customized truck now open for anyone interesting in reserving one.