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Hennessey Ford GT Breaks 267.6 MPH World Record on Texas Mile

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The highlight of last weekend's running of the Texas Mile, a biannual motorsport festival held in Beeville, Texas, came courtesy of the team at Hennessey Performance, whose Ford GT set a new Texas Mile world record speed of 267.6 miles per hour. Driver Patrick O'Gorman effectively smashed the previous record established by the same Hennessey team in October of 2012, with driver Sean Kennedy reaching a speed of 263.3 miles per hour. Both times, the record-setting car was the camo-clad Hennessey Ford GT, powered by a twin-turbo 5.7-liter V8 fueled by 117 octane racing gas. Check out last weekend's record-setting run in the video below.

via: Autoblog