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A Look Inside the Hender Scheme Studio in Tokyo

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During an overseas trip to Japan last week, the HAVEN buying team stopped in at the Setagaya, Tokyo, offices of Hender Scheme, a new addition to the Canadian retailer's lineup. An artisanal outfit that specializes in handmade leather footwear and small leather goods, Hender Scheme has won acclaim for its "Hommage" series of classic footwear built with raw, undyed leather. Examples of the shoes after two years of wear were displayed at the brand's office, the silhouettes finished with the rich patina that the leather is known to develop. Founder Ryo Kashiwazaki also showed off a pen holder on display at the Tokyo Museum of Modern Art, modeled after the shoes that Charlie Chaplin wore, as well as a keychain crafted from the leather sole of a shoe and a coin collector in the shape of a small house. Check out more of the recap in the gallery below.