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Smith & Norbu for Kapok

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Smith & Norbu's mission is to design and create unique and innovative luxury accessories for men who do not fear being themselves. Judging by their latest collab with Kapok, mission complete. Combining high quality natural materials and fusing them with their ability to create a pair of stylish frames, Smith & Norbu revives traditional horn craftsmanship techniques to create two uniquely-crafted sunglasses sourced from buffalo and yak horns, respectively. The horns are first cut, pressed and flattened, and then precision cut and finished by hand, using horns selected straight from the Tibetan plateau to create frames you won't find anywhere else on the planet. Both feature Kapok engraving on the temple arm and are fitted with tonal lenses. Find them now directly from Kapok's online store for HK$3,400 ($438 USD).