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Tesla Model S 17" Touchscreen Display

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Tesla isn't concerned with the bigger horsepower numbers, torque specs, and price tags of their main competitors because they have something much larger than anyone else in their class: a 17-inch Touchscreen Display. You may have overlooked this innovative console within our detailed preview of the new Tesla Model S, the all-electric brand's newest sedan, but unless you're Mr. Magoo you're not going to miss what the brand is touting as the world's biggest display. Powered by NVIDIA's Tegra chip, this tablet-like infotainment, climate control, and navigation-ready (running Google Maps) display also helps you to tailor drive settings such as ride feel, ride height, and a "creep" function that allows the S to glide forward when you take your foot off the break just like an automatic gas-powered car. While you can't stream video, the display does have 3G connectivity, can tether to your phone, and boasts an iPad-like user interface. When paired with their 12.3-inch LCD instrument cluster, its safe to say that Tesla has drawn a new line in the sand that's actually far ahead of the other brands. Just make sure to keep your eyes on the road.