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Barry McGee - "Drawing From The Street" Exhibition | Boston

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Although Barry McGee is recognized as a talented artist in the world of contemporary art, his life and work has always been influenced by his time spent tagging city streets and buildings with colorful, imaginative, and illegal graffiti during his formative years back in 1980's San Francisco and its Mission District. The Mission District has always had an anti-establishment feel that is continually revitalized by its youthful culture and its on-going critique of capitalist society, excess, and sprawl. McGee has taken these artistic and societal lessons with him and paired them with formal training, which, by the mid-1990's launched him into the world of contemporary art led his surfer culture, abstract, and colorful cartoon themes. Frequently his work has been hosted at exhibits across the west coast, but now ICA Boston will be hosting Drawing from the Street, a mid-career survey of McGee's work, including 30 pieces across a variety of media. The exhibition will run from April 6, 2013 through September 2, 2013 so make sure to pencil some time in to go and check it out.

The Institute of Contemporary Art
100 Northern Avenue | Map
Boston, MA 02210

Exhibition Dates:April 6th, 2013 (Saturday) - September 2nd, 2013 (Monday) |  9 am - 9 pm EST