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Bubba Watson's Hovercraft

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If you doubted that Bubba Watson was the coolest golfer on the planet, here is a quick look at some of his notable possessions: a Green Jacket, the Dukes of Hazzard's General Lee, a neon pink driver, and now a golf course-ready Hovercraft. The brain child of Watson and Oakley, the BW1 is capable of floating across the fairways on a cushion of air, but it can also glide over tall grass, water, and sand-- but just make sure you rake up behind you. The craft itself was designed by Neoteric Hovercraft of Indiana and retains as much of the original golf cart features as possible, including the roof, white body, space for two sets of clubs, and all the same controls as the 4-wheeled version. Being so close to April Fool's you can imagine seeing the faces of everyone else on the course, but the BW1 is definitely no joke. Watch it in action after the click.