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PHENOMENON - Mix Camo Short Sleeve Shirt

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Walk down any major street and you'll notice a common trend: practically everyone is layering. While they may be separated by large bodies of water, what a gentleman in London and one in New York is doing is not that different. But we can feel pretty safe saying that no one anywhere on the globe is pulling off what Japanese streetwear brand PHENOMENON is doing with this Mix Camo Short Sleeve Shirt. Over 90% of body of this shirt is covered in a woodland camo, which is an extremely hot pattern these days, mixed with a two-tone floral collar and yoke, projecting a split personality that is pretty much guaranteed to turn some heads. The shirt itself is built with a heavy cotton with full-length olive buttons and finished with a PHENOMENON label stitched inside. Available for sale directly from Collective Square's online shop for ¥27,300 JPY or $284 USD.