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Ressence Type 3 Watch

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Yes, shoes are nice, and we all know that the value of a car drops as soon as you drive it off the lot, but a good watch is eternal. Its the only accessory that a man keeps with him all the time and it is an instant identifier of a man's view of the world and ultimately himself. Sure, there are a lot of fancy watches out there, but all of them roughly look the same; that is, until you understand how the Ressence Type 3 Watch works. Effectively bringing time to the surface, the Type 3 is filled with fluid that projects a series of constantly rotating discs that indicate the hour, minutes, seconds, and date onto the crystal exterior. The back half of the watch is a gravitational gear system that allows you to adjust the time and date without need for a crown on the side. With no hands, no crown, and obviously no bezel, we're left with one futuristic watch that we may never fully understand unless we wear a Ressence employee ID, but until then we'll leave all that to the experts. The Ressence Type 3 is priced at €23,000 and will hit the Ressence website for sale in the coming days.