West Coast Defender - Vintage Land Rover Defender


The fact that its silhouette remained the same since its introduction 65 years ago says something about the Land Rover Defender's iconic design. Then there is its reliability and the matchless statistic that 70% of the vehicles built since 1948 are still on the road today. No wonder owners and enthusiasts are obsessive about their Defenders. Unfortunately, they are near impossible to import to the U.S. and finding a vintage one in pristine condition is equally challenging, a reason why Chicago native Matthew Perlman founded West Coast Defender. Now based out of Los Angeles, Perlman and his team of specialists in England hunt for any possible leads. Because of the stringent "vintage" designation, the vehicles need to be 25 years or older just so they can be imported. Next, each Defender will be put through a 230-checkpoint restoration program before making it onto the L.A. showroom. Because of its selective process, West Coast Defender will restore less than 100 units this year, though each will be in mint condition with latest amenities such as premium leather interior, Hi-Fi sound system, infotainment unit, Bluetooth connectivity, and more… Expect the final product to set you back $95,000 to $100,000 USD, but it's well worth it