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BMW X4 Concept - Officially Unveiled

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Just because the number is a couple digits less than the X6, that doesn't mean that BMW didn't pour just as much heart, style, and finesse into their new, more affordable version of their luxury cross-over. Although its official unveiling in concept form at the Shanghai auto show is scheduled for this month, this X4 is real and is queuing up for an appearance on showroom floors in the not too distant future. Like the X6, it is a compact SUV (or as Bimmer calls them "Sports Activity Coupes (SAC)) highlighted with tight, curvy contours, high-end finishing, 21-inch wheels, and a wheelbase and body length very similar to the X3. The Bavarian carmaker is staying tight-lipped on its interior and its powertrain line-up, but we do know that their Spartanburg, SC production plant is well over 90% ready to go on this one. So it's not a matter of if, but when we'll see those glittering LED's staring us down.