Though the original objective was to introduce a new and innovative lighting solution for cyclists at night, the success Revolights garnered since its introduction in 2011 made it one of the best proven concept to date on crowd funding's effectiveness. After fulfilling some 900 orders of its Revolights Wheels to customers in thirty-seven different countries, the company is onto its next project - Revolights Wheels 2nd Generation (or Revolights Wheels v2.0).

Still with the same 360 degree light projection front and back, the new riveted design means easier installation. All you have to do is to mount them onto your bike, install the magnets and go. And like before, Revolights will be turning to KICKSTARTER to get this new initiative going. Funding starts at $15 and all the way to $217 for the first dibs on the front wheel, $229 for the rear, or $399 for both. Fellow Bay Area company MISSION BICYCLE also kicked in either the Revolights Valencia fixed-gear bike or the Revolights Sutro commuter to sweeten the offer further. At the moment, it raised about half of the $14,500 needed with 36 more days to go. For more details, see the video/images after the click or visit the project's KICKSTARTER page.