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Obscura Magazine Spring 2013 Issue – “Editing Life”

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In a time when newspapers and magazines are seemingly always reporting on the closings of their competitors print editions in the face of declining revenues and an increase in online viewership, there are still a select few thriving. One of those is Obscura, a publication established in 2010 by Hong Kong’s SILLYTHING, which showcases modern – well – everything. From leading creative minds, to sports, products, fashion, business, and politics, this title covers it. Their Spring 2013 Issue, “Editing Life,” focuses on the world of filmmaking with rare interviews with director Chang Suk Ping and illustrator Tung Pui Shan alongside editorials by Givenchy, Prada, and Saint Laurent. As per usual, the issue – the magazine’s twelfth – is already hitting stands at some of the world’s finest, including Dover Street Market, colette, Page One, Reed Space, and Wood Wood. You can also pick up a copy via their online shop.

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