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Neill Blomkamp's ELYSIUM - Official Trailer | Video

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Brought to you by the man behind District 9, Neil Blomkamp, and starring the likes of Matt Damon and Oscar-winner Jodie Foster, ELYSIUM looks to be another must-see sci fi flick. The year is 2154, where an ultra wealthy upper-class lives in a space station orbiting the Earth, free of sickness, worry, or any need while the rest of the human population lives in poor, destitute conditions on the ruins that remain on the planet below. Looking to be another intense sci-fi feature-length film written and directed solely by Blomkamp, this movie four years in the making has already begun to develop quite the following due to its mix of themes from Halo and Mad Max (Damon's character's name is even Max), which have been fueled by a steady stream of advanced buzz, images, and plot developments. Full of big guns, spaceships  and plenty of violence, make sure to catch this one when it hits theaters beginning August 9. In the meantime, the full trailer is after the jump.