Coach Tokyo Flagship Store by OMA


Although they have vastly expanded their customer base, product line, and retail experience, Coach has never lost sight of their heritage. Founded in 1941, Coach began making leather goods and displaying them in a single row of library-like, wooden shelves that easily categorized and showcased their wares. Instead of relying on snazzy gimmicks and distracting layouts, Coach let their products speak for themselves. Designer Shohei Shigematsu of OMA literally built on this philosophy when he designed Coach's new flagship store in Omotesando, Tokyo, creating a modular, herringbone pattern of glass boxes stacked from floor to ceiling. Not only does this allow products to be place virtually anywhere, but it ensures the total focus is on Coach's products, drawing in shoppers from all angles. To help light the structure, 105 illuminated acrylic units encase the store's staircase inside, separating the men's floor from the women's and also creating a warm shopping experience. Aside from becoming a landmark in Tokyo, this store will certainly be the sparkle in Coach's eye for years to come.

via: DesignBoom