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Novo Camera

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Sure - tiny cameras like the GoPro Hero are fun to play with if you're trying to capture your latest ride, jump, dive, or trip, but as soon as you send out the video footage, you can immediately tell what sort of device you're working with. But don't take this as a dig on the GoPro, they actually like that graininess to their footage and it adds to the experience. Yet, there are times when you need to pack an extremely high amount of video quality into one tiny package and this is when the Novo Camera comes in. Although it is only current available for rent and not intended for sale, this baby takes the technical guts from the Hero and puts them into a package that is capable of holding a variety of interchangeable lenses, allows you to turn on and off the auto-exposure, use a lens aperture control, an LCD touchscreen, and download images through several ports plus WiFi connectivity. Although the Novo Camera mount itself is tiny, obviously the lenses are another thing in themselves to deal with, but the fact that the technology is evolving like this is something to be excited about it. Learn more about the Novo and how you can rent it ($295 a day or $885/week) at the Radiant Image homepage