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Transparent LEGO Chandelier | By Tobias Tostesen

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While the rest of the world stumbles over Lego creations even with the use of an instruction booklet, Copenhagen-based industrial designer Tobias Tostesen has painstakingly assembled a stunning two-tier chandelier completely out of transparent bricks. The finished product, which includes over 8,000 clear plastic Legos, was revealed at the Milan Design Week 2013 and uses the natural light of the sun to illuminate the room, changing from a "distinctive cool chroma to exclusive hot hues," according to Tostesen. Successfully bridging the worlds of elegant design, art, and the playfulness inherently instilled in the idea of Legos, Tostesen's work is certainly deserving of its time in the spotlight. The only problem is now you may never look at your own Lego masterpieces the same ever again. Thanks Tobias.

via: DesignBoom