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Daft Punk “Random Access Memories” The Collaborators: Pharrell Williams

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"The robots' music," asserts Pharrell Williams, "is the power to separate itself from all else that exists." So begins the latest installment of The Collaborators series from The Creators Project, in which the singer/producer describes working with Daft Punk on their upcoming album, Random Access Memories. As Pharrell tells it, the collaboration begins with a chance encounter at a party for Madonna, where he volunteers his services to the robots ("Just want me to play the tambourine, I'll do it," he tells them). Later, when they finally connect in Paris, Pharrell discloses to being in a "Nile Rodgers place," only to discover the duo have already started working with Rodgers. He goes on to describe the resulting album in lofty terms, calling it music that restores the groove to the contemporary musical landscape while representing "the freedom of all human beings." Check out the video below.