LSTN Wood Troubadour Headphones


Like sunsets, long walks on the beach, and a nice set of headphones? Then you may have found your match in West Hollywood, California's LSTN Headphones. LSTN is a startup that was founded to make music products that sound amazing, look great, and help their team give back to those in need, and if their Wood Troubadour Headphones are any indication, they're going to be helping a lot of people. Since wood has natural acoustic properties, it makes sense to create a set of headphones made from handcrafted, reclaimed wood from around the world. Each set comes with full-over ear cups that are encased in either beech wood, cherry wood, or ebony wood, with an adjustable metal band, and an in-line microphone built into the nylon-wrapped cables. You really can't go wrong with any pair and when a portion of each sale goes to help provide hearing aids to kids in underprivileged schools, it's all certainly a win-win for everyone involved. You can find them now for sale and pre-order via their online store.