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Iron Man 3 - The Official Game - Stark Industries | Video

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After seeing this new trailer for Iron Man 3The Official Game, all you need now is your official ID badge naming you as the newest head of Stark Industries. Guess that will be coming in the mail. Previewing Gameloft's upcoming, free-to-play mobile game, the short trailer featured after the click gives you a look into the 18 different armors  you can assemble and tweak, including War Machine, Iron Patriot, and Hammerhead, as well as the game play, which is set-up as an endless runner that allows you to raise havoc and fight Advanced Idea Mechanics around the world. From what is known, all game features and options open up as they game is played, meaning the game is completely free, giving you reign to live life truly as if you were billionaire superhero Tony Stark. The full version of the game is set to launch on April 25 on iOS and Android devices.

Release Date: April 25, 2013 (Thursday)