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Air Jordan XX8 - 2013 NBA Playoffs PEs

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As if these ballers aren't already enjoying extra attention with the official start to the NBA playoffs this past weekend, the Jordan brand has also stepped up with a set of championship-ready footwear to help its athletes to run the court in style. Including special edition models of the Air Jordan XX8 for Russell Westbrook, Ray Allen, Richard "Rip" Hamilton, Joe Johnson, and Gerald Wallace, each player will don sneakers with team-inspired home and away colorways and co-branded with their initials. As we already know about this ultra-modern sneaker, the XX8 features a stealthy design made for elite performance, a comfortable fit, and extra protection for the ankle during fast pivots and turns, effectively boasting the most technological advances than any Jordan to date. You can check out all of the new Air Jordan XX8 Exclusives after the click and look for each in action this postseason. No word yet on if any of these will be available for general release.