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Volkswagen iBeetle

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As is pretty widely known, Steve Jobs began designing his own futuristic yacht before he passed, but he never did get around to building an iCar. Perhaps the next best thing is this recent collaboration between Apple and Volkswagen on their new iBeetle, creating a design that the two brands call a "genuine integrative interface" for the the iPhone that allows to them pair the two systems using a Volkswagen Car Net app and a dedicated docking station on the car's dash. The vehicle debuted at this year's Shanghai Auto Show, where VW fans were able to see first-hand what the new app can do, including use of the phone's G-Meter, displays of the oil temperature gauges,  fuel economy diagnostics, a tool that helps you determine the most fuel efficient route to a destination based on your driving style, and a slew of other social media features, most of which probably shouldn't be utilized while driving. While the technology feature may not be what you were expecting from the revolutionary tech brand, drivers do get their choice of several other Apple-inspired features, including seven different gadget-inspired exterior colors, matching trim panels, Vienna leather upholstery and 18-inch Disc alloy wheels.  VW's press team also noted that the iBeetle is currently configured to debut in 2014 with  iPhone 5 integration, but - knowing what we know about Apple - a new model of the phone will probably be out by that time.