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Casio G-Shock x Stevie Williams x Nigel Sylvester - "Bluetooth GB-5600AA Watch" | Video

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The newly released GB-5600AA from G-Shock features Bluetooth connectivity, allowing the watch to communicate with the wearer's iPhone 4S or 5 after it's been enabled with the G-Shock+ app. Mobile link functions include incoming call and incoming mail notifications, as well as SNS new message alerts in the event of Facebook or Twitter updates. Additionally, there's a Link Loss Alert, initiated whenever the link between the watch and iPhone is severed from too much distance between the two devices. Press the Phone Finder button and the iPhone sounds to let the user know where it's located, while a simple tap on the watch stops the tone. The GB-5600AA, available in assorted colors, is introduced in a feature video starring Stevie Williams and Nigel Sylvester, shot in scenic Miami Beach. Check it out below.