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FocusTwist App - Lytro-like focusing | Apple iPad + iPhone App

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As if your Apple iPhone and iPad weren't impressive enough--packing a computer, music player, camera, calculator, and eReader all into one sleek device--Arqball has just  upped the ante with the release of their FocusTwist App. Created for iOS, this program allows you to selectively refocus an image after it was taken, essentially turning your device into a Lyto light field camera by automatically taking several shots with different focus points. Examples of this nifty app are after the jump, in the video, and even in this interactive sample where you can change the focus of an image from either the fore or background. Sharing of your final image is also easy to do, done through a shortlink supplied by FocusTwist straight from the company's server built into the app. Considering the App is only $1.99 from the iTunes store, you'll quickly find yourself seriously hooked, giving your friends a break from all those photo filters. Grab it now here.