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Audi TT Ultra Quattro Concept

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Ultra is a great way for Audi to characterize their latest TT Quattro Concept. Designed to be an one-off show car to be displayed at Europe's biggest annual VW and Audi car event, the Wörthersee Tour 2013, this bullet-like ride combines a new 310hp turbo engine with an ultra-light chassis that weighs in at a sexy 2,449lbs, or about 660 lbs off of the average coupe curb weight. All that adds up to a power-to-weight ratio of 3.6 kg/hp, a 4.2 second 62mph time, and a top speed of 173.98 mph. Outside of these specs, the Ultra Concept also picks up a larger carbon spoiler, new R8 GT-sourced bucket seats, ceramic brakes, a titanium exhaust system, and all of the other fixin's you expect, like electric everything, including compact cameras in place of exterior mirrors. Coat all of that with a special crystal white exterior paint complemented with a carbon fiber roof, flanks, and tailgate, and you can practically see Audi fans drooling onto their keyboards. Who knows if it will ever go into production, but until then we can at least dream.