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Mazzanti Evantra V8


True to their word, the newest kid on the Italian supercar block, Mazzanti, has officially unveiled what they hope will drive their name into the spotlight: their Evantra V8. When Mazzanti first announced the details on the Evantra back in 2011, we knew we could expect a sharp design, an engine that roared with power, and a body hand-made entirely in Italy. Not only did they deliver, they added even more, including a V8 engine in place of the expected 3.5-liter flat-six engine, a new rear wing, and a series of other new carbon fiber and brushed aluminum body inserts. While the luxurious and customizable interior stayed the same, Mazzanti did decide to add in a new chrome roll cage to protect their high-roller driver, capable of affording one of these yet-to-be-determined priced cars. Unfortunately, they didn't sway from their plan to only produce 5 of these models, so this just may be the only time you'll ever see one.