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Footpatrol x Saucony Shadow 6000 - "Only In SoHo" | Release Postponed

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While there is probably know ulterior motives involved, the news that the release of the Footpatrol x Saucony 'Only in Soho' Shadow 6000 will be postponed still stings, especially just days after it was announced. The special edition shoe was designed by the pair to celebrate the neighborhood surrounding Footpatrol's spot, complete with a black suede base representing the underbelly of Soho, bright blues for the region's neon lights, and red 3M accents inspired by the street lights that reflect off the shop windows at night. The team only noted an "unexpected problem" in their joint press release, hoping to still launch the sneaker as soon as they can in 2013. Ultimately, we want the shoe to be as perfect as they do, but that still doesn't help lessen the pain of having to wait even longer. Who said patience was a virtue? They must not have seen these sneakers.