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Louis Vuitton - "The Art of Packing 2" | Video

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If you wait until the very last minute to pack, your clothes will end up looking just as ragged and tired as you do when you arrive at your destination. Luckily, Louis Vuitton has stepped up to help with their "The Art of Packing" series, which is now in its second installment. In addition to a website full of tips and tricks (and of course a showcase of their latest apparel and accessories for both men and women), LV offers up four short videos on how to pack smartly to minimize wrinkles and, ultimately, frustration. The videos after the jump focus on how to fold dress shirts, jackets, pants, and even how to arrange your unmentionables along with your toiletries. Click after the jump to view them for yourself and you'll be traveling as stylishly as you are smart.