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A Bathing Ape 20 Design Combo Bape Store Tee

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April 1 marked more than just April Fool's Day--it also marked the 20th anniversary of the opening of A Bathing Ape, a brand that has since take over the street scene with products that will keep you looking fresh from head to toe. To help say thank you to all their fans around the globe, BAPE has teamed up with 20 artists, who each had the chance to create their own Ape Head design, including the likes of Pharrell, Skateboard P, and the (former) Louis Vuitton Don. The final results of this mega-collab are so exclusive that if you didn't get a chance to grab them during the three days that they were available in Japan, then you lost your chance. But, the rest of us stuck Stateside aren't left holding the bag just yet; BAPE has made a special mash-up Tee featuring all 20 graphics in one. Even though the images may be smaller, you at least can save some money on having to buy 19 other new shirts. See another preview of the Tee after the click and head to your local BAPE store or their online shop to purchase in the coming days.