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Nixon - The 48-20 Watch - Summer 2013

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Last month, we gave a sneak preview of the upcoming models, The Diplomat and The 48-20 Chrono, from Nixon. Now, they are finally available for purchasing. The 48-20 watch is a medium sized timepiece, which is in between their 51-30 and 42-20 models. Released as part of the Summer 2013 collection, all three styles are constructed from stainless steel casing and wrist bands. Furthermore, these items are perfect for ladies looking for an over-sized watch or men who want a understated watch to complement their active lifestyle. Drop into Feature Sneaker Boutique, in Las Vegas, to pick up any of the below products.

Feature Sneaker Boutique
3735 Spring Mountain Road #205 |  Map
Las Vegas, NV, 89102
TEL #: 702-463-3322