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Brooks England Pickwick Rucksack


Brooks England's Pickwick Rucksack isn't something fresh off the design block; this beautifully crafted bag has been around for years, and the one you can pick up today is the finest of them all. The Pickwick uses a simple but effective roll-top design with lateral snaps holding the treated canvas body neatly in place and tucked in to secure your gear. The look of the bag is complimented with a soft tan webbing finished with leather tabs and strung through branded alloy fasteners. For extra peace of mind, the bag is also waterproof--just in case you're caught in a surprise storm--including the secret stash pockets at the bottom of the bag. Ready to be carried by the handles, worn on the back or across the shoulder, you won't regret having this Rucksack by your side for a second. Find it now at Oi Polloi.

Brooks England Pickwick Rucksack - 1