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Henry Hargreaves - Backstage Meals of Famous Musicians

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Many of you have heard the stories about what artists request prior to their concerts and shows. Many of the requests are fairly normal, but many are pretty outlandish and weird. A rider is basically what these requests are called. They're condition(s) in a contract/agreement that outlines equipment, catering, setup, and other specific needs. Photographer Henry Hargreaves was inspired to visually document these riders choosing to focus on the quirkiest ones he'd read about.

Hargreave chose to to shoot in Flemish Baroque still-life, because, he states,

 "I felt that there was a direct connection between the themes in these types of paintings and the riders: the idea of time passing and the ultimate mortality of a musician’s career as the limelight inevitably fades—they only have a short time in which they are able to make these demands and have them fulfilled."

Check out Hargreave's work below.